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Begin moderately, recognizing where your body is in your fitness journey. Going overboard after a long respite from exercise may result in injury or disappointment. Your workout shouldn’t do either, so build carefully and deliberately from a moderate beginning.

For maximum benefit at minimum risk, the body needs to rest and recover. At least twenty four hours rest after heavy muscle strain is recommended. Stagger your workouts between heavy and light strain. For example, you can alternate days with a weight training routine or class and cardio (like treadmill or a Spin or dance class).

Include a warm up and cool down in every workout. A low-impact warm -up before any exercise is essential. It gets your body ready for the activity which results in a more productive workout. Cooling down at the end of your workout relaxes the muscles, lowers the heart rate, and helps the body recover. It will make you feel better immediately after the workout, and the next morning.  Our group exercise classes are designed to include these elements. If you choose an independent routine remember to include these essential components in your plan.

Incorporate balance and stretching activities into your fitness plan to support flexibility, improved body function, and fewer injuries. Our group exercise classes in Yoga and Pilates are terrific ways to incorporate balance and stretching. 

Listen to your body. If you feel pain, stop. Soreness after a good workout may indicate that you are progressing, but muscle and joint pain while working out can mean many things. Pushing through a small hurt can lead to big problems later on. If pain persists more than a few days, consult a physician.

Mix it up. Most women become inconsistent with their workouts because they get bored. Change your routine, try new classes from time to time, vary your activities and keep it fresh, fun, and exciting. Consider a workout partner, a friend that will motivate you to workout when the challenges of the day might otherwise send you to the couch or a snack.

Think about how you fuel your body through healthy eating habits so that it can do all the things you want. Healthy eating habits support your fitness activities and contribute to building lean muscle and reducing your Body Fat Index (the percentage of your overall body weight that consists of fat).

Have fun! You want your fitness choices to be sustainable parts of your healthy lifestyle. Experiment. Find things that are fun, mix it up, and keep it fresh. You are worth it!

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